Border Crossings

On The U.S.-Mexican border between El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Chihuahua, there are three major ports of entry and one commercial bridge at Santa Teresa, New Mexico. The Bridge of the Americas, or Cordova Bridge, is the only entrance where there is no fee for crossing.  This is commonly call the "the Free Bridge," and it is the most heavily traveled international crossing.

The Downtown El Paso crossing, or Stanton Street Bridge, is southbound into Juarez, while the Juarez Avenue Bridge, or Paso del Norte Bridge, crosses in to El Paso.  In Mexico, these bridges are called the Laredo and Juarez bridges respectively.  These are mainly used by pedestrians.

The third major port of entry is approximately 12 miles east of downtown El Paso at Zaragosa.  The fourth bridge is west of El Paso at Santa Teresa, New Mexico.  These two international bridges are primarily used for commercial traffic.

At the Stanton Street Port of Entry, there is a dedicated commuter lane that uses SENTRI (Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection) that enables motorists to complete the inspection process and enter the United States in approximately three minutes.  This is the only fast-track commuter lane along the Texas border.  Most affluent residents of Juarez have the DCL sticker.

Northbound Crossings

It might be noted that shoppers from Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua spend more than $2.4 billion in El Paso every year.  

This is an average of $46 million per week.

According to the U.S. Customs Service, The total number of northbound crossings (Juarez into El Paso) are as follows:

Fiscal Year Pedestrians Trucks Cars Total Occupants Avg. Per Week
2000 5,472,292 725,064 16,654,268 38,284,116 841,469
2001 6,173,427 656,257 17,285,331 39,756,261 883,263
2002 9,098,606 700,235 12,619,570 29,025,011 733,146
2003 9,038,264 661,389 13,577,264 31,227,707 774,346
2004 8,536,249 716,616 14,505,249 33,362,073 805,737
2005 7,783,877 725,340 15,788,048 36,312,510 848,007
2006 8,070,419 773,265 15,834,947 36,420,378 855,592

Fiscal Year - October 1 thru September 30
Occupants + driver = 2.3 people
Average crossing per week by car and pedestrians

Source: U.S. customs and Border Protection Department of Homeland Security, Updated 12-28-05


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